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San Salvador, Bahamas, also known as Watling's Island, is a stunning tropical oasis located in the southeastern part of the Bahamas archipelago. Known for its rich history, secluded beaches, vibrant marine life, and travel-worthy diving spots, visitors can expect to have an unforgettable experience in this little piece of paradise.Spot native iguanas and birds at San Salvador’s Great Lake National Park, visit the Gerace Research Center, or see Watling’s Blue Hole up close. Anchor your boat in Dim Bay, Long Bay, or Snow Bay and explore the island’s many pristine beaches and lagoons.

For history enthusiasts, the island gives a glimpse into the past with its historical landmarks and cultural heritage. San Salvador is dotted with ruins of old plantations, churches, and even an 18th-century lighthouse. It’s also believed to be the first landfall of Columbus in the New World.In true Bahamas style, San Salvador offers world-class fishing and boasts record-breaking catches of various fish. On the island’s lee side, you’ll find Devil’s Claw and Vicky’s Reef which are home to reefs, ruins, shipwrecks, stingrays, and sharks (even hammerheads). With over 50 dive sites, San Salvador is a dream come true for snorkelers and divers.With miles of stunning coastline and awe-inspiring natural phenomena, there’s something for everyone to be excited about in San Salvador.

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San Salvador, Bahamas History

San Salvador, once known by its indigenous Taíno inhabitants as "Guanahani," is the proposed first landfall of Christopher Columbus in 1492, during his historic voyage to the New World. Columbus' arrival initiated a transformative period for the island: the Taínos faced enslavement, diseases, and eventual extinction due to European contact.

The island's name would change, from its indigenous name to "San Salvador" bestowed by Columbus, meaning "Holy Savior" in Spanish.

Over the subsequent centuries, San Salvador, like many islands in The Bahamas, saw its share of European squabbles. The English, Spanish, and French all laid claim at various times, each leaving an indelible mark on its culture and heritage.

The island also bore witness to the grim history of the transatlantic slave trade. Plantations sprouted up in the 1600s, with enslaved Africans forced to work in tough conditions. Post-emancipation, many of their descendants would make San Salvador their home.

Today, amidst the pristine beaches and turquoise waters, lie relics of its past. Ruins of old plantations, historic churches, and the Columbus Monument all stand testament to San Salvador's rich tapestry of history.

Activities in San Salvador, Bahamas

Despite the troubling colonial history, today’s San Salvador holds the ethereal beauty of tranquil lagoons reflecting the cerulean sky and sandy beaches that stretch out like nature’s own luxurious carpet. Dive deep into its national parks, where green canopies take you back to olden times.

And as the sun dips, San Salvador morphs into a gourmand's delight and a night owl's playground, surrounded by exquisite dining locales and electrifying nightlife.

Boating & Fishing

Boating & Fishing

San Salvador, Bahamas has an aquatic realm rich in marine offerings. Whether you're a fervent angler or a boating enthusiast, this island paradise presents unmatched venues, teeming with vibrant aquatic life.

When you make it to San Salvador, check out these great boating and fishing spots:

Graham’s Harbour

This harbour is a symphony of underwater hues. From the radiant bonefish to the elusive snapper and the majestic grouper, every catch here is a story worth sharing. Since it was in this place that the legendary Christopher Columbus set foot, it also cradles history along with natural splendor.

French Bay

This is a haven for bonefishing. However, the waters are also abuzz with barracuda, snapper, and jacks.

Pigeon Creek

For those seeking tranquility, Pigeon Creek offers shallow, serene waters on San Salvador's western flank, which can provide a serene bonefishing experience.

Sandy Point

This picturesque arena calls out to beach-fishing enthusiasts. Here, the dance of snapper, grouper, and jacks under the golden sun is truly a sight to behold.

Grotto Beach

Up north, this beach unveils itself as a hidden gem for surf fishing. Calm waters coupled with unparalleled scenic vistas make every fishing tale here a mesmerizing one.

Columbus Point

For those longing for the thrill of the deep blue, Columbus Point is a top choice. With marlin and tuna ruling these depths, this rocky peninsula promises adrenaline-fueled deep-sea exploits.

Beaches & Lagoons

Beaches & Lagoons

In San Salvador, Bahamas, every grain of sand holds a tale, and every lagoon mirrors the sky's ever-changing moods. These beaches, both renowned and reclusive, invite you to tread on the footsteps of history while basking in today’s sunlight.

Long Bay Beach

This beach stands as a testament to time itself. Here, the waves whisper tales of Christopher Columbus' First Landfall, where ancient horizons met an explorer's dreams. It's not merely a beach, but a living canvas of history and beauty intertwined.

East Beach

Venturing towards the tranquil East Beach, you can encounter a stretch of sand kissed by the morning sun. It's a secluded escape — a place where footprints become temporary memoirs against the backdrop of endless blues.

Bonefish Bay

Bonefish Bay, true to its name, promises not just sandy stretches but also whispers of marine tales. It beckons beachcombers and dreamers alike, its sands a testament to San Salvador's unique blend of nature and nostalgia.

Dixon Hill Lagoon

With the landscapes that surround it, this lagoon offers a visual feast. The play of light and shadow upon its surface, as the day unfolds, turns every moment here into a spectacle that’s a joy to behold.

Hog Cay Lagoon

Tucked away, this lagoon is San Salvador's secret haven. Its calm waters, fringed with lush mangroves, present an intimate experience, making it a coveted spot for those seeking solace amidst nature.

National Parks

National Parks

The nature views in San Salvador, Bahamas are crafted not on canvases but across sprawling landscapes and azure stretches. The national parks here are the epitome of history and biodiversity. Every leaf, bird, and grain of sand holds within it a chronicle.

So, if you find yourself owning a home in one of the safest places in The Bahamas, make sure to visit these national parks.

Seabird National Park

A symphony of wings and songs, this park is an avian utopia. As the sun caresses the horizon, the skies come alive with the balletic dance of seabirds, each silhouette telling tales of migrations and timeless journeys.

Green’s Bay National Park

Nestled against the backdrop of cerulean waters, Green's Bay is where land and sea craft nature’s sonnet. Mangroves intertwine with sandy stretches, creating an intricate mosaic of habitats that nurture diverse species, both terrestrial and aquatic.

Southern Great Lake National Park

Encompassing the heart of San Salvador's largest lake, this park is a mirror reflecting the very spirit of the island. The lake's serene waters, fringed by lush greens, become a haven for myriad flora and fauna, turning every ripple into a whispered story.

Snow Bay National Park

An ode to tranquility, Snow Bay is the delicate interplay of sands, waters, and winds. The park’s dunes, sculpted by time, stand as sentinels, while the gentle lapping of waves plays the eternal songs of the Bahamian shores.

Diving & Snorkeling

Diving & Snorkeling

San Salvador, an island jewel of The Bahamas, is not just defined by its sun-kissed beaches and lagoons, but also by its intricate tapestry of dive sites. If you’re seeking an aquatic adventure in this noteworthy place, you should know the average prices of rental properties in The Bahamas to help you prepare financially.

Bamboo Point

Bamboo Point beckons with its shimmering blues, acting as a gateway to the ocean's secrets. Beneath its surface lies a vibrant world of corals, their hues painting stories of millennia, while schools of fish dance to the symphonies of the currents.

Fernandez Bay

This bay is a canvas of turquoise that unveils an underwater sanctuary. The play of sunlight on its marine life creates a spectacle, where every ray turns anemones, sponges, and tropical fish into radiant stars of the deep.

Long Bay

Long Bay, with its expansive vistas and dive sites, offers divers a journey into the heart of San Salvador's underwater topography. From coral gardens that seem to bloom from the ocean floor to the mysterious nooks that house elusive marine creatures, it's a realm of constant discovery.

Grotto Bay

And then there's Grotto Bay, a mystical enclave where the light filters through to create an ethereal glow. Diving here feels like entering nature's own cathedral, with its arches and pillars crafted by coral and rock, and its aisles teeming with marine life.

Historical Landmarks

Historical Landmarks

San Salvador, Bahamas, often identified as the first landfall of Christopher Columbus in the New World, is imbued with historical significance. These landmarks, along with various plaques, markers, and interpretive sites around San Salvador, make the island a rich tapestry of history waiting to be explored.

The Columbus Monument

This monument, located on Long Bay, marks what many believe to be the exact spot where Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas in 1492. This is one of the many monuments that serve as a reminder of part of the island's impact on world history.

Watling's Castle

These ruins, often referred to as a "castle", are actually remnants of an old plantation. The stone walls and structures offer a glimpse into the island's colonial past and the era of plantations.

Dixon Hill Lighthouse

An iconic structure in San Salvador, Bahamas, this lighthouse has been guiding mariners since the late 19th century. It stands as a testament to the island's maritime history and the importance of safe navigation in The Bahamas.

Ruins of the French Monastery

These ruins and monuments are believed to be the remnants of a monastery built by French settlers in the 1600s. The site provides a window into the island's colonial era and the various European powers that once tried to lay claim to San Salvador.

St. Augustine's Monastery

Though not as old as some other landmarks, this 20th-century monastery, which is still in use, offers a serene setting and a touch of European architecture in the Caribbean.

Dining & Nightlife

Dining & Nightlife

There are many homes for sale in Nassau, where life is busy with restaurants and nightlife. However, the charm of San Salvador, Bahamas lies in its intimate and authentic island experience.

Whether you're enjoying a fresh seafood meal under the stars or sipping on a tropical drink while listening to the rhythmic beats of Bahamian music, the island offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

Paradis Restaurant and Bar

As the sun dips beneath the horizon, the ambiance here marries the island's laid-back charm with gourmet offerings. From the catch-of-the-day to tropical concoctions, every morsel and sip is a celebration of San Salvador's bounty.

Don Heriberto

This is one of the many restaurants that provide an intimate escape into the heart of Bahamian cuisine. At Don Heriberto, traditional recipes passed down generations come alive.


Nestled amidst San Salvador's scenic beauty, Carlie's promises both a visual and gastronomic feast. As twilight descends, this establishment turns into a mixture of island tunes, laughter, and the irresistible aroma of Bahamian delicacies.

What to Know About San Salvador Real Estate

With its pristine beaches and historical significance, San Salvador, Bahamas presents a unique blend of Caribbean charm and investment potential in Bahamian land.

Whether you're seeking a sun-kissed beachfront retreat or an investment property with promising returns, let us guide you through the nuances of San Salvador's real estate market.

San Salvador Homes for Sale

San Salvador Homes for Sale

Venture into a realm where homes tell tales of island charm and modern elegance. Each residence, whether it's a beachfront villa or a quaint island cottage, embodies the essence of San Salvador — tranquil, beautiful, and timeless.

The homes here call out to those seeking a serene escape or a permanent tryst with paradise. Otherwise, you can look through the many homes for rent in The Bahamas to get close to paradise, albeit only temporarily.

San Salvador Land for Sale

San Salvador Land for Sale

For those with a pioneering spirit and a vision for Caribbean luxury, the lands for sale in San Salvador beckon as the ultimate canvas. The Bahamas, with its alluring blend of untouched beaches and vibrant local culture, makes investing here a truly unique opportunity.

San Salvador's plots, ranging from vast coastlines primed for opulent resorts to intimate enclaves perfect for a personal paradise, provide an unmatched Caribbean potential. Apart from its sheer beauty, The Bahamas offers land investors a stable economic environment, beneficial tax incentives, and a growing tourism market.

San Salvador Condos for Sale

San Salvador Condos for Sale

Condos for sale in The Bahamas, particularly San Salvador, perfectly capture the essence of island living coupled with contemporary comforts. Buying a condo provides a seamless blend of maintenance-free ownership and top-tier amenities.

Whether you're drawn to a luxurious penthouse that boasts unmatched oceanic panoramas or a quaint unit enveloped by verdant greenery, these condos promise more than just a residence; they offer a lifestyle.

With shared facilities like pools, gyms, and communal spaces, residents get to enjoy a built-in community and resort-like features. Moreover, the strategic locations of these condos ensure easy access to San Salvador's attractions, dining, and shopping.

Embracing both elegance and utility, they represent an optimal choice for those who desire both relaxation and the vibrant pulse of island life.

Find Your Dream Home in San Salvador

While there are many alluring real estate listings throughout The Bahamas, your aspirations of embracing San Salvador come with waves serenading you and history echoing around. Be it the allure of a lavish resort condo or the serenity of an apartment by the ocean, San Salvador, Bahamas promises and delivers.

Reach out to us at MCR Bahamas today! Let us be your compass as you embark on this exhilarating journey toward owning your own luxury real estate in The Bahamas. Your San Salvador haven is within grasp; let's seize it together.

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